Step-by-step Educators Rising Steps (MS/HS Chapters)

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Deadline to be registered for Educators Rising is November 1, with dues paid by December 1. 

  1. Pay your TAFE State Dues to the TAFE office, here is how you can view your membership invoices.
  2. Renew your membership for TAFE chapter, this should be same name as your Educators Rising Chapter and the one your students affiliate with at the national level.
  3. Renew your teacher leader account of Educators Rising (done yearly)
    1. Login to the member portal at 
    2. Click on the "Memberships" tab from the navigation bar on the left.
    3. Select the "Join or Renew - EdRising Middle/High School" tab from the drop-down options!
    4. Click "Save" on the bottom of the page with your membership form.
    5.  Submit your teacher leader membership order and check out!
  4. We strongly encourage teachers to use the form below, to gather student data, and to create student accounts. This eliminates duplicate accounts, forgotten information, and misplaced students.
    1. Use this form to gather information from your students: Educators Rising Membership Form
    2. Using the information gathered, visit: Join Educators Rising, and begin creating student accounts. The video below shows you the steps needed. DO NOT CREATE STUDENT ACCOUNTS ON TAFE WEBSITE. 
    4. Once student accounts have been created, please click the below button to generate a TAFE invoice.
    1. TEXAS’s Deadline to affiliate with Educators Rising is November 1st, this ensures your students are affiliated by your Area Conference and the Teach Tomorrow Summit.
  1. All schools pay for their student memberships through the TAFE State Office. 
    1. All national dues must be paid by December 1st, to ensure your students are paid by the state conference.
How to Join Educators Rising (Bill Me) Video
How to Join/Renew as an Educators Rising Teacher Leader